Wellness centre

An area devoted exclusively to wellness. At La Quiete Resort there's a friendly, minimalist wellness centre with everything you need to really unplug from everyday life and recharge your batteries: indoor and outdoor pools with jacuzzi, waterfall and jet swim system, hamam, biosauna, Finnish sauna and emotional shower.



A steam bath helps to eliminate toxins, reduce blood pressure and stress, boost the circulation and improve skin elasticity.

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The perfect combination of heat and humidity. Halfway between a Finnish sauna and a hamam, the biosauna is a natural remedy to relax the body and energise the mind.

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Finnish sauna

The enveloping cloud of dry heat has beneficial effects on the circulatory system and the whole body, helping to eliminate toxins and relieve stress.

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Emotional shower

The ideal end to a sauna or a hamam. Wrapped in coloured lights, the body is massaged in a shower of nebulised and scented water.

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Dive, immerse, swim

Indoor and outdoor pools

Transparent water that reflects the clear sky. Fresh mountain air tickling the skin. Wonderful views of the Brenta Dolomites and the Maddalena range. Our outdoor pool is the treat that makes your holiday at La Quiete Resort extra-special. Beside the pool, deckchairs invite you to relax and read a good book, or simply enjoy the warm summer sunshine of Val di Non. Even in winter, when the thermometer drops and the days are shorter, you can enjoy a swim in our indoor pool.

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